10 Occupations With Disturbingly High Body Counts

Whoever came up with the saying 'A little hard work never killed anyone' was sorely mistaken.


With the exception of a lucky few, most human beings have to work in some capacity if they hope to make ends meet. That being said, humankind's relationship with their occupation of choice is really quite complex.

Some folks love what they do for a living. There are also plenty of people who simply tolerate their jobs and work for the weekends. Of course, there is the unfortunate lot who wake up every morning wishing they were going anywhere else in the world besides their place of business.

Regardless of where one falls on the spectrum, the one thing the previously mentioned groups have in common is that the overwhelming majority enjoy a relatively safe working environment. Unfortunately, this isn't true in all cases.

In fact, there are several professions that are downright dangerous. These jobs cause thousands of injuries annually, and in many instances, they even claim lives.

There are likely plenty of folks who would prefer to avoid these hazardous and potentially fatal lines of work. However, in order to do so, one must first figure out which jobs are among the most dangerous.

Well, here are the answers.

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