10 Shocking Secrets You Didn’t Know About Anne Boleyn’s Grisly Death

7. You've Been Framed

Natalie Dormer

In a world in which she had very little privacy as a queen, Anne was accused of sleeping with the five men, 21 times over three years. This would have been near impossible but because big bad Henry wanted rid of her, he just nodded his head and told himself, yes, this definitely did happen.

It turns out that 13 of these 21 offences were impossible, as the person was not even in the same building as Anne. Unless they were sending filthy letters in an early form of sexting, nothing untoward happened. On top of this, Anne was pregnant for all but one of the 21 occasions. She was scared about losing the baby constantly and believed sex may harm the baby. It seems highly unlikely that she would risk her baby’s life for a quick bunk up with a musician.

It all seems suspicious that Anne, clearly a sex maniac, managed to have these affairs under everyone’s noses for three years. Or was it in fact that Henry got bored of her and went along with some lies that would get her killed?


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