10 Step Guide To A Perfect Night At Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2021

10. Relax By The Pool

Cabana Bay Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando

The key to the perfect Halloween Horror Nights doesn't start at the event, it begins when the sun is still out.

If you have only one night to complete everything then you will no doubt have a long and busy evening. The best way to not crash and burn before you get through every house is to have a relaxing pool day.

Universal Orlando Resort has some pretty amazing pools, and if you are staying onsite you can pool hop between them.

On my perfect HHN day, I spent the day chilling by the pool at Cabana Bay with a cocktail. HHN gave me to perfect opportunity to take time to spend time in my resort. It was pure relaxation in the Florida sun before a "killer" night at Halloween Horror Nights.

You might also want to spend the day at Volcano Bay, Universal's Water Theme Park. The park has a huge beach and plenty of sun loungers to relax on. Just be careful, all those water slides can be tiring and you need as much energy as you can for the night!

If you're not the kind of person to sit by the pool then you can still resort hop and experience all the different hotels, or perhaps take time to head to CityWalk and check out the new Universal store.


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