10 Things We Learned From Miley Cyrus On The Joe Rogan Experience

9. How She Dealt With How She's Been Portrayed In The Media

It's fair to say that Miley Cyrus has lived a very unique life thus far. Going from polished Disney sensation to 'off the rails' pop megastar, it feels like the singer-songwriter has constantly found herself in the headlines for much of her adult life.

Referencing how frustrated she can be when blatant lies are spread about her in the press, Rogan noted that Cyrus is simply seen as a way to make easy money by those tabloids. Due to these constant negative and sometimes completely made up stories, Miley also revealed that she had people in the public regularly tell her that she was 'not as crazy as (they) thought (she'd) be.'

Rogan then mentioned that this reaction was probably solely down to the public image that was sold of her, that of being a kid superstar turned 'sexual singer' doing 'crazy stuff', and people clearly buying that she was out of control. Miley quickly added that it was funny how when you suddenly become in control the narrative suddenly switches to you being out of it.

In order to deal with this constant negative media attention, Miley later spoke of how she now avoids reading 'those types of thing' and had to 'unlearn' that the things written about her are not actually true.


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