10 Things You Didn't Know About Joe Rogan

8. The Miz Had To Stop Him Getting In A Fight On Fear Factor

Prior to the UFC becoming mainstream and the popularisation of the UFC, Joe was primarily known in the US for his stint as the host of the reality TV show Fear Factor. The show is primarily remembered for contestants being forced to complete a number of often-disgusting tasks, like having to consume insects and animal genitals.

Even after being offered the position as host, Rogan has stated that he was unsure that the show would prove to be successful but five series later and a further reboot in 2011 refuted his reservations.

However, it's worth noting that the kind of people that are willing to subject themselves to the perils of Fear Factor, often solely for notoriety, are rarely going to be entirely normal, meaning that Joe often had to marshal the unruly contestants especially when things got animated.

During a 2006 episode, a married pair of contestants started to have a heated confrontation and squared up to the host, leading to Rogan grabbing the man in a Muay Thai clinch while The Miz of all people was forced to frantically attempt to break up the fracas.

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