10 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Geordie Girl

You might not understand a word she says, but she's a perfect 10.

Newcastle Upon Tyne. The Toon. Geordie land. It's a rather colourful place to visit and if you're lucky enough to live in the North east, it's a wonderful place to call home. Newcastle is a truly welcoming place that has its priorities spot on; there's a Greggs on every corner and the clubs have cages that you can grind in or on - what's not to love? But with everywhere that you visit, it's the locals that make the North East such a friendly and loving area. The Toon is full of banter despite the Black and White army that aren't very good anymore, Jimmy Nail who loves his crocodile boots that no one wears anymore, oh and the girls... they're a different breed of human. But in a good way. They're the most kind hearted, fun loving and outspoken girls that you'll ever meet and if she chooses you to give her heart to, you better make sure that you treasure it otherwise her and her entire squad will come for you.

10. You'll Spend Your Saturdays In Greggs

Greggs sausage rolls and steak bakes will probably be the highlight of your Geordie girlfriend's day. There is never a time when nipping in for a quick pasty is ever going to sound like a bad idea. They are an iconic symbol representing the North East's love for baked goods and with one on every street corner in Newcastle, you're going to be spoiled for choice. However, please do not mistake a Greggs as a 'perfect for every situation' eating place. As much as your other half will appreciate it on a Saturday afternoon snack after the match, do not take her there on important dates like her birthday or your anniversary. She will not laugh, nor will she leave your testicles attached to your body. It's important to understand when a Greggs is acceptable, and when it isn't.

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