10 Weirdest Stephen King Stories You Need To Read

9. Needful Things

Revival Stephen King Concept
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Needful Things is a classic King story; with supernatural horror exaggerating the ugliest parts of the human condition.

When a new shop opens in the town of Castle Rock, the locals are immediately drawn to its enticing wares and its remarkably low prices. But the proprietor of Needful Things, Leland Gaunt, is not quite as he appears. His motives are decidedly less than pure, and he relishes in turning members of the community against one another or even themselves.

Needful Things has a narrative that, from start to finish, highlights just how much we hold against the world around us. King captures perfectly the anger that each and every person is capable of, and does so in such an over-the-top, still somehow believable way that you can't help but laugh while the shiver runs down your spine.

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