15 Things Introverts Do Much Better

9. Having The Most Amazing Listening Skills

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99% of the time you will be doing the talking but don't worry they've not popped you on loud speaker and just continued with some other activity; they are in fact genuinely listening.

8. Knuckling Down And Getting The Job Done

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If you're an employer the best decision you can make is to hire a team of introverts. Instead of spending time sending IM's to other colleagues, updating social media or chatting about the office drama of the week you'll found all the introverts at their desks working hard and hammering out the work. Introverts have superb focus and excellent time-keeping skills; what stars they are.

7. They Buy Only The Best

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You won't see an introvert stalking around shops looking between the selection products on display before making a decision of what they will eventually purchase because they have already done their research at home and know exactly what product and spec is best based on customer reviews and individual needs. The thought process that's goes into every spend ensures that they only have the very best.

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