16 Problems You Only Know If You Live In The Middle Of Nowhere

Ahhh, the fresh smell of fertiliser.

No you're not from Mars, you grew up in a place filled with beautiful scenery. Where people come to die, and where farmers rule all. That's right -  you come from the middle of absolute nowhere. 

You constantly get fed up of people not knowing where you actually come from. No it's not a made up place or word, it's an actual place, with actual people that live there. You grow tired of trying to describe where it is, "it's near so and so and right in the middle of that road you know?" They don't know. You give up, because rounding it to the nearest city that people might actually be able to locate is so much easier - even if it isn't really true. 

Growing up in a rural part of the country can be pretty boring, the lack of population and not to mention the only thing that comes close to a night club is the Village Hall. 

You really don't care, even though living in the middle of nowhere does have its problems, it's where you grew up. No matter if you move far away, you will forever be a country bumpkin and you're pretty darn proud about that. 

Here are 16 problems that come along with living in the middle of nowhere. 

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