18 Problems Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand

14. Overpacking Your Bag To Deal With Every Situation

Some people will say that you're just extremely diligent at dealing with every eventuality, which, okay, sometimes you are. Got an umbrella in case it starts raining? Of course. Gloves for if it suddenly gets cold? Uh-huh. It's at this point that the line between being prepared and over-thinking to a sadly significant degree starts to become sadly, sadly blurred. Is it too much to have a first aid kit in every bag you have, just in case of emergencies? Or to have spare changes of everything in case you randomly spill yogurt or coffee onto anything you own? Over-thinkers check everything about the day and/or situation ahead, and don't so much react and plan accordingly, as assume the worst for every situation and pack everything they can. The result is high stress levels and a bag so heavy that Hercules himself would balk at carrying it as one of his Twelve Labours...

13. Going Into Panic Mode In A New, Unexpected Situation

Okay, so some people aren't great in new and unexpected situations. That's totally okay, except that when you're an over-thinker, it can drop you into the panicky, survivalist mode of living. You start sweating, you start looking for the exits, and you feel sick to your stomach. It doesn't really matter what the new situation is - it can be a sudden shift in the workplace, a new place to try for dinner, or maybe a new nightclub you find yourself roped into going into by your more typically adventurous friends. It's not that over-thinkers dislike trying new things. It's just that when they're forced into it, it causes a sudden panic as every bad thing that could go wrong flashes through their heads.After all, there's plenty of chance that restaurant might be full of food poisoning, the nightclub full of obnoxious DJs and overpriced liquor, and the new workplace might be terrible. Just think of them as an overprotective, cautious mother hen. They only want you to be safe.
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