21 Problems Only Dancers Will Understand

11. Hearing "Now Reverse It!"

Everyone has a good side, and we don't mean in terms of photography. On that good side, everything is just dandy. Turns are well-balanced, leaps are high and graceful, and even simple footwork is quicker and sharper. But once you have to reverse those moves, it all falls to pieces. On a dancer's bad side, it's like trying to write with your non-dominant hand: messy, painful, and incredibly frustrating. If only every single move went to the right...

10. The Inevitable Miserably Uncomfortable Costume

Y'know the one: it's drop-dead gorgeous, the envy of the company, and, on the hanger, it's perfect. Once you put it on, however, it's the clothes of Satan himself. It might be too tight, too stiff, too hot, or, worse of all, super itchy. It might even be something as simple as unflattering! No matter the issue, once you have that thing pulled over your head, you can't wait to rip it off, ball it up, and throw it back into the corner where it belongs. And hey, if the performance is over for good, you can always burn it.
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