24 Problems Only Hairstylists Will Understand

18. When Clients Unleash Their Demon Children In The Salon

It's hard to decide what's worse: when a client brings their unruly child in to cause chaos and expects us to play babysitter, or when they invite their entire circle of family and friends along to criticise every snip you make.

17. The Inexplicable Feeling Of "Banger"

Admirably coined by BehindTheChair.com, "Bangry" is the type of anger experienced by stylists when clients cut their own bangs. Especially when they come in looking like Mr Spock and then deny it.

16. When A Client Books In For A Fringe Trim, Then Show Up Asking For Full Cut And Colour

Hell No O Gif Time to weep into the cash register. It's like going to the doctors for a smear and asking them to give you a quick amputation while you're there. Of course we'll run 45 minutes behind all day and inconvenience every other client who's booked their appointment in advance... NAAAAT.

15. That One Client Who Keeps Their Eyes Wide Open While You're Washing Their Hair

Sweet baby Jesus and his ten little toes - is there anything more unnerving than this?
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