25 Disturbing Facts You Really Don't Want To Know

15. Bull Sharks Can Adapt To Freshwater

This may be the single most horrifying thing to be discovered about sharks in a very long time. Bull sharks are a force of nature, which we remain ignorant about at our own risk. These fierce sharks are some of the most strong and aggressive fish swimming in the deep blue, and they will eat people on purpose. Up until the point where we thought sharks could only survive in the ocean the worst thing about freshwater lakes and rivers were snakes and alligators. However, now, whether spending the day on the beach or at the lake, if the body of water you're in is connected to the ocean in some way, a giant bull shark might be lurking beneath the murky surface. One of these days, a freshwater lake is going to face an infestation of bull sharks, and then it will be game over.
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