25 Disturbing Facts You Really Don't Want To Know

19. The Human Head Remains Conscious After Decapitation

"I'm saying when Marie Antoinette had her head chopped off she felt it hit the basket."
We know two things for sure about the human brain: It functions as a series of neurotransmitters that collect data from the rest of body in the form of electricity, and without blood pumping oxygen from the heart this activity stops. Dr. Francis Crick, the same guy who helped discover DNA's structure, first developed this theory. While the idea is interesting it inspired a group of Dutch scientists to try something completely different. Does the brain remain conscious if it's removed from the body? A series of experiments on rats suggested that, yes, it does. In 1905, a famous experiment was conducted on a criminal who was executed by beheading. Up to thirty seconds after the man was supposedly dead, his eyes would open and focus on people calling his name.
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