25 Mind-Blowing Facts About Kim Jong-Un

24. He Secretly Attended School In Switzerland Under The Alias "Pak Un"

Kim Jong Un School Gif

The International School of Bern in Switzerland has had many famous students down the years - but one little-known member of their prestigious alumni is Kim Jong-un. Granted, he attended the school under the pseudonym "Pak-un" in order to hide his identity, and he excelled at both music and technical studies.

Unfortunately for the Supreme Leader, it appears his maths and science knowledge was not quite up to scratch though, as he reportedly failed both these classes.

23. His Father's Death Must Be Grieved Wholeheartedly... Or You'll Be Mortared

Kim Jong Il Funeral5 Gif

Kim Jong-un is extremely sensitive when it comes to the North Korean population grieving the death of his father, Kim Jong-Il. So sensitive, in fact, that deputy defence minister Kim Chol was locked up for "insufficiently grieving" during Kim Jong-Il's funeral.

If that wasn't harsh enough, then the punishment for being drunk during the mourning period following Kim Jong-Un's father's death was even more brutal. An assistant chief of the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces was soused during this period and was punished to death by mortar - with Kim Jong-Un demanding that "no trace of him down to his hair" should remain. Explosive stuff...


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