5 Reasons To Visit Universal Orlando Resort On A Last Minute Vacation

3. Relax And See Where The Day Takes You

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What I love about Universal Orlando Resort is the ability to take it at a relaxing pace.

Even though I'm a generally an organised person, I hate my day to be planned out rigidly. I like a loose outline but find the best days are the ones where you discover things along the way. Universal Orlando Resort is the perfect vacation destination for me. I don't have to plan out which rides I want to go to at the precise time I want to do them. As long as I have multi-park ticket I can skip from one park to the other, taking advantage of where the short wait times are.

If you are staying at one of Universal's three Premier Hotels you can also take advantage of a free Express Pass for the duration of your stay. This is ideal if you are going at a busier time of year.

Hogwarts Express Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando

Onsite guests also enjoy early access to select parks, which means you can beat the crowds at Volcano Bay and bag the perfect lounger with views of Krakatau. It's great to be able to relax on the beach in the morning and ride roller coasters in the evening.

One other way Universal balances the stress for its guests is making everything within reach. Parks are walking distance from each other, meaning no 30 minute rides between parks. Buses/water taxis' to and from hotels run so frequently you aren't waiting long for the next one. If you stay at Cabana Bay/Aventura you can also take advantage of being so close to Volcano Bay you can almost touch it.

With last minute trips you don't have time to do all the planning that you can when you book far in advance. Thanks to Universal Orlando Resort's laid back atmosphere you don't miss out on the fun.


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