7 Crazy Projects Apple Are Secretly Working On

VR, video games and cars... Apple, is that really you?

These days, it's not quite enough to be a successful tech company that specialises in just one thing. If it was, then we'd still refer to Google as a 'search engine' and Apple as a 'computer company', rather than as a pair of tech giants intent of global domination by means of technological ingenuity. Google's ventures into genetics, medicine and the stratosphere have already been well documented, but Apple's ambitious side-projects haven't received nearly as much attention. Recently plucky journalists revealed that Apple could be working on its own driverless car project, which makes you wonder what else the fruity tech giant could be keeping from public view. Space flights? Games consoles? Underground bunkers beneath each Apple Store from which the company can launched cyber-attacks on Microsoft when the First Cyber World War (CWWI) begins? Apple play their cards close to their chest, but through disgruntled and loose-lipped employees, some information does occasionally sneak out about their future projects. But should we be delighted or terrified at what they have in store for us?
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