8 Biggest WTF Stories To Come Out Of Florida

7. Florida Trio Expose Their Meth Lab... By Butt-Dialing The Police

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Everyone who watched Breaking Bad, loved the story of the genius science teacher turned drug kingpin. It was an incredible show that had everyone following it completely captivated. However, if this trio of dimwitted drug dealers were somehow inspired by Heisenberg's rise to power, then their hopes of achieving something similar were dashed away due to one badly timed butt dial.

Mother and son team, Donna and Jason Knope, along with their meth-cooking companion, Thomas Stallings, were in the middle of were discussing how they were going to make and distribute the highly-addictive drug.

However, the trio from Deltona, Florida, failed to realise that were was another person on the line with them during the meeting. In fact, one of the group had accidentally called 911, in turn sharing their big plans with the operator, who listened to them share their plans for 30 minutes. Before the group could even get things off the ground, the police came to home of the Knope's family and arrested them all.

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