9 Things You Didn't Know About LEGO

9. Early LEGO Characters Had No Faces, Arms Or Legs

Lego Figs

The Simpsons did a lot of things first, but popularising bright yellow skin in popular culture wasn't one of them. That honour goes to the humble LEGO Minifigure, of which more than 3.7 billion have been produced since the late '70s.

Lego has largely stuck to its guns with Mini Fig design, with each model comprised of a detachable head, torso, hips, arms, hands and legs, but their early precursors which hit the market in 1975 weren't quite as detailed as this.

Prior to the release of the Mini Fig, early LEGO characters were built around the same loose template, except they had no arms, legs or faces.

The first modern Mini Figs were released in 1978 with the Castle, Space, and Town sets, and although they've evolved in subtle ways since - with features like naturalistic skin tones coming in - the same basic design underpins the today's LEGO characters.

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