9 Things You Need To Do This Summer At Walt Disney World 2016

9. Take A Fight On Soarin'

Soarin' Around the World will be making its debut at Epcot this summer.

The Soarin' attraction closed its doors to guests in January to undergo a transformation and its newly upgraded attraction will now feature a movie that will take guests on an flight across the world, rather than as previously it went just over the state of California.

With a new film comes new scent aromas to help riders get lost in the world around them. This also includes a new score inspired by the ride's original soundtrack.

Lovers of Soarin' will also enjoy a new interactive queue, so and long lines will suddenly become much more interesting.

Disney have also built an extra show building so there will be three ride vehicles instead of two. This means that the ride's capacity will increase. Perfect, because when this opens guests will be racing to get a ride.

Soarin' Around the World is set to open its doors 17th June.

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