iPhone 6 - 4 Rumoured Features That Would Be Terrible (And 1 That Actually Sounds Good)

3. Side Home Button

iphone1 Another design re-structure rumour for the iPhone this time moving the home button to the side, allowing the screen to expand to full face of the phone and allow the screen to be the full size of the phone. Moving the home button to the side frees up the screen to not have any limitations, allowing Apple to rival Samsung's increasing screen sizes. The reasoning behind moving the button to the side, according to the rumour is that it is in the perfect position for your hands as they are naturally wrapped around the phone, as opposed to the front of the phone. However, this is a bad idea, a really bad idea and thankfully it is unlikely that Apple are going to put this design into their next handset. Side buttons have been a feature of phones for several years, mainly the volume buttons, occasionally a lock button and a camera button. While the placement of these buttons are there so they are in places your finger is naturally in, the feature becomes annoying when you set the button off when holding the phone regularly, and to avoid contacting the buttons on the side of the phone, your fingers are required to do finger yoga to avoid touching them. This is worse when it is a button as important as the home button is for the iPhone. The iPhone home button is more integral to the usage of the phone than the power button, as the home button does half the job the power button does, as well as being useful when you are using the phone, which is why the placing of the home button on the side is just inconvenient.
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