Pugs Vs Cats : 6 Reasons The World Became Obsessed With Cute Animals

1. They Look Hilarious In People's Clothes

If you have any pets, chances are you've probably tried this at one time or another. Little Mittens or Lucky or whatever they're called wanders into the kitchen; the smell of food thick in their nostrils. They take a look around...and then you pounce! Armed with a child's jacket and a tiny pair of jeans, you pull them over your pet's head and up to their waist and, hey presto, you've got your own little dress-up dog (or cat). We can't deny that cats and pugs look adorable in human clothes, perhaps even more so than when they're normal (We're sure Konrad Lorenz would agree with that). Whether they're kitted out in sunglasses and a scarf, or just rocking the wig and jeans look, society can't get enough of our favourite furry critters dolled up for a night on the town...or asleep at the foot of the bed.
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