Pugs Vs Cats : 6 Reasons The World Became Obsessed With Cute Animals

And The Winner Is...

Giving it an unwarranted amount of thought it has to be said, the timely winner of our battle is...the cat! Pug-lovers everywhere are spitting out their drinks in dismay, but they are well represented by their grunting compatriots. The pug holds a place in the heart of many, and you'd be hard-pushed to find somebody willing to testify against the fact. But despite their ugly-cuteness, it is the cat that reigns supreme; if only by sheer saturation of the animal representation. We cannot move for hilarious cats fiddling in boxes, or furry kittens that amount to nothing more than literally just being a ball of fluff. Today the pug fought valiantly and is held in the highest affection by this contributor, but cats have stolen the prize...for now. If you have any vested interested on the highly-intellectual debate regarding the cuteness of pugs and cats (which you all should), please feel free to comment below!
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