The Making Of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour Reopens In July

Tour tickets are now available for dates between 1st July to 31st December.

The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros
Warner Bros.

Guests can now book tickets in anticipation for the re-opening of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter in July.

When fans finally return to the tour in just a few short months they will be able to join in with A Celebration of Slytherin that will run from July to 15th September.

Here you can get to know all about the Slytherin house with the Great Hall dressed in the green and silver, experience the common room up-close and soak up all the props and costumes to explore.

British Harry Potter fans have not been able to grab a freshly poured Butterbeer since Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter closed its doors in 2020 due to the pandemic restrictions.
Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour
Warner Bros.

If you're more into the spooky season then between 24th September and 7th November the Dark Arts will descend upon the Harry Potter tour. Pumpkins will be decorating the Great Hall, there'll be duelling demonstrations and you'll be able to practice your own wand combat skills.

The winter months see the return of the extremely popular Hogwarts in the Snow experience. A "blanket of snow" will once again cover the beautiful Hogwarts model in snow, as will the shop fronts of Diagon Alley. The Great Hall will also be decorated with festive Christmas trees and a "mouthwatering" festive meal. Hogwarts in the Snow will run through 13th November – Sunday 16th January 2022.


Tickets are now available for dates between 1st July and 31st December. Due to capacity restrictions Warner Bros. Studio Tour London recommending booking early if you want to visit on a certain date.

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