Universal's Epic Universe Orlando - New Rides & Lands Officially Announced

Celestial Park will open portals to the Ministry of Magic, Super Nintendo and more!

Universal Orlando Resort Epic Universe
Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Studios have excitedly revealed more details as to exactly what guests will encounter in their brand-new theme park Epic Universe, when it opens in 2025!

The eagerly anticipated new park will be located just around the corner from Universal's current parks and will have a celestial theme that opens "portals" into some very familiar worlds.

At the heart of the Epic Universe is the newly announced Celestial Park, which will be the first area that guests will encounter once they enter. Celestial Park will have a "mythological" and "astronomical" theming with the land containing "rolling gardens, chasing waterways and strolling pathways."


Celestial Park will be filled with dancing water from various fountain shows. Here water will reach up to 135 feet in the air and dance "to music and interactive lighting from day to night". All of this along with a thrilling duelling coaster, "Starfall Racers."

The new epic coaster will reach speeds of up to 62mph, a dizzying 133 feet in height and will even make a "unique" manoeuvre called the "Celestial Spin" as the ride's coasters crisscross in the air.

Universal Orlando Resort Epic Universe
Universal Orlando Resort

Just in case you aren't a thrill-ride lover, the new land will also contain more family friendly attractions like "Constellation Carousel." This attraction isn't like a typical carousel as it performs a "choreographed dance of music and starlight." This "centrepiece" attraction will "glide forward, backward – and even make 360-degree rotations."

Apart from being the home of new attractions, restaurants and shops, Celestial Park will also provide entry ways into Epic Universe's other lands.


Universal have also just announced, what these other worlds are going to be and they are incredibly exciting!

Guests will once again enter the magical world of Harry Potter. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Ministry of Magic will blend the original Harry Potter series's Ministry of Magic with the Fantastic Beast franchises' 1920's Paris setting.

Universal Orlando Harry Potter Dark Arts Hogwarts
Universal Orlando Resort

Another "portal" that will open for guests from Celestial Park is Dark Universe, a look into the Universal Monster movie franchise. A fan favourite, especially amongst Universal's Halloween Horror Nights fanatics, the Dark Universe will see guests encounter the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein and a "shadowy landscape" filled with myth and legend.

A brand new property coming to Universal Orlando Resort as part of Epic Universe is How to Train Your Dragon. The new land called How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk will send guests soaring into the beloved movie franchise. A viking land, you're bound to encounter a dragon... or two.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood

With Universal Hollywood Studios opening Super Nintendo World last February, next year will finally be Orlando's turn to enter the world of Mario, Luigi and Peach. Universal have also confirmed that Donkey Kong will also find a home in Epic Universe! Hopefully we can expect to see a similar area to the exciting expansion coming to Universal Studios Japan.

Epic Universe will also have three onsite hotels, one of which will contain its own entrance into the park. Universal Helios Grand Hotel is a place "where the heavens and earth unite." With 500 rooms and views over Epic Universe, this could a out-of-this-world way to experience the new park!

Universal Orlando Resort Epic Universe
Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort will also be opening two hotels designed to be more budget friendly. Universal Stella Nova And Terra Luna Hotels will feature as part of Universal's Prime Value collection and like the resort's other onsite hotels will give guests early park entry. Universal Stella Nova And Terra Luna Hotels are set to open in January and February next year.

With new adventures in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Super Nintendo World and How to Train Your Dragon, Epic Universe if promising to be a new park filled with all the fun we've come to expect from Universal Orlando Resort.

Epic Universe is set to open some time in 2025 and we can't wait!

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