Curb Your Enthusiasm Quiz: Did These Actors Guest Star On The Show?

Did these A-listers cross paths with Larry David?


2020 marks 20 years since Larry David's sublime comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm first hit the airwaves, and across its ten seasons to date has established itself as one of the smartest and most impressively consistent TV sitcoms of all time.

Beyond the sheer hysterical absurdity of David playing a not-so-fictional version of himself, Curb is perhaps best defined by the 100+ name actors who have appeared on the show in a guest star capacity.

Whether they showed up for one-off appearances or multi-episode arcs, David has demonstrated a knack for casting actors in roles against-type and which were intensely memorable - not to mention hilarious - as a result.

But over the last two decades you'd be forgiven for forgetting some guest appearances, especially those from actors who perhaps hadn't yet become the A-listers they are today.

So, can you separate the true guest stars from the frauds in this true or false quiz? Each of them would certainly fit the world of Larry David's sitcom like a glove, but only some have actually appeared on the show.

The answers are at the end as ever, so good luck!

1. Steve Carell


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