Friends Quiz: Can You Finish These Memorable Quotes?

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The popular TV show Friends first aired in September 1994 and would go on to become one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, earning the six leading cast members a record $1 million per episode in their final seasons. A blessing for actor Matt Le Blanc who before filming the show had only $11 to his name.

During its 10-year run, the show won 7 of its 54 nominations from the Golden Globes, Primetime Emmy's and Screen Actors Guild, along with a plethora of other awards.

After airing its final episode in May 2004, the show was picked up for syndication and now pulls in a whopping $1 billion each year for Warner Brothers, which from that the cast each earn $20 million a year. Not a bad payday.

So what is it about this beloved show that keeps audience hooked even now? Why do fans keep coming back to it time and time again? It makes you laugh and cry but hardcore fans must surely know every line of dialogue in every episode by now. Well let's see.

From the list below can you finish off these memorable quotes?

Answers at the end, if you need them.

1. "I Can Handle This. Handle Is My Middle Name. Actually...."


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