Friends Quiz: Who Said This To Joey - Chandler Or Ross?

Was it Ms. Chanandler Bong Or Monkey Boy?


Friends was one of the most popular television shows during the 90s and into the early 2000s, ruling the sitcom world for ten years. It was just three men and three women going through the ups and downs of their daily lives in New York City, yet viewers were constantly enthralled by the show's wit, heart, and relatable characters which was only leveraged by the hilarious cast dynamic.

Together they were like a well-bonded close-knit family, but even on their own, each character had a unique and special relationship to one another, and in the end, all came together as one big Central Perk gang. One of the dearest camaraderies on the show was the bromance between Joey, Chandler and Ross. They were inseparable throughout all ten seasons and their comical brotherly love and personalities bounced off of each other in the funniest ways imaginable, leaving the audience roaring with laughter.

This legendary bromance is definitely one of the things we miss most about Friends and why shouldn't we? They got along so well, leading to some epic bromantic moments. But just how well do you remember those moments?

Can you tell who said this to Joey - Chandler or Ross?

Answers are at the end!

1. "You Don’t Think We’d Buy A House And Not Have A Joey Room, Do You?"


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