Game Of Thrones Quiz: Who Did It?

Can you identify which character it was that did the following things?


Game Of Thrones. The story of a power struggle between heavily resourced houses, set in a medieval fantasy world with an ancient evil stirring in the North and a forgotten dynasty rebuilding in the south. Is there anything that sounds more appealing for a television series than that? Maybe not so much for the occupied families stuck between ice and fire.

Based on the extremely popular book series 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' by show consultant and produce George R. R. Martin, the television adaptation didn't take long to rocket to the top of our watch lists and dominate ratings. Unfortunately the stellar image of the seemingly untouchable Game Of Thrones took a more infamous turn towards the end. With the release of the eighth and final season, the creators of the show were met with such strong criticism and basically managed to set the internet on fire.

But whether you liked or hated the conclusion of the epic saga, there can be no denying that it has been one of the greatest shows in television history.

How much do you remember of the goings on in Westeros, can you name who did the following things?

Answers are at the end!

1. Who Killed Mance Raider?


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