Marvel Quiz: Which MCU Villian Said It?

The good, the bad and the ugly.

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There have been so many iconic villains in movies over the years, from the bone-chilling Hannibal Lecter and the terrifying Leatherface to the more PG two-toned Cruella de Vil and the flat-faced Voldermort.

Love them or hate them we sometimes find ourselves rooting for them and no more so than in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of the multiple villains we have been given over the MCU tenure there are those that we cannot get enough of, their razor sharp wit and deliciously evil plots keep us watching to see what they'll do next.

We all know them very well by now and can probably list off every movie they were in or maybe even reference the first comic they appeared in (if you're a serious geek). But are you sure you know them that well?

Reluctantly obviously, we've combed through all the movies in Phase I, II & III to bring you the best insults, quip, zingers and inspirational quotes we could find. From the list below can you work out which of your favourite MCU villains delivered these lines?

Answers at the end, as always.

1. "You Should Have Gone For The Head."

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