Scrubs Or House: Who Said It - Dr. Cox Or Dr. House?

The battle of TV's most sarcastic doctors commences.


When it comes to TV shows about medicine and hospitals, two reign supreme over everything else: Scrubs and House.

While Scrubs is hilarious, goofy, and surprisingly emotional and accurate, House is a more buttoned-up, serious approach, albeit not without its laughs. So, while the two shows are about hospitals and the sheer ludicrousness of working in that field, they actually don't have that much in common. They do however, share two characters who love to be rather mean and sarcastic at any given turn.

Dr. Perry Cox is an angry, mean-spirited, and tough-love sort of guy, but one who cares more about his patients than anyone else. House, on the other hand, has done and seen it all and he's tired. The result is two doctors who like to spit venomous jokes at their colleagues, in a bid to entertain themselves in a doom-and-gloom environment.

Grab your stethoscope because it's time for an examination! Can you tell who said the following? Was It Perry Cox or Gregory House?

Answers at the end!

1. "On Average, Drug Addicts Are Stupid."


Curtis is from Ireland and lives in Canada now.