The Big Bang Theory Quiz: True Or False?

Can you prove the theory or dispel the myth? It all started with true or false!


When you put together four of the most brilliant minds in the United States, you would expect magic to happen. Ground breaking discoveries, advancement in many sciences and expriements that propel us into the technological future. Instead there is social awkwardness, Dungeons & Dragons and the psychological phenomenon that is Sheldon Cooper.

This was just the beginning. Before anything else there were just the four friends Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj and between them you could cover just about any stereotype that would come with a nerd. Whether it being the inability to speak to women, living with your mother who treats you as a child or misreading every day mannerisms such as sarcasm, The Big Bang Theory has it covered.

The Big Bang Theory has become incredibly popular and loved by millions around the world. The relationships between the characters and their personalities have really gravitated people to the show as they are quite relatable. Nerd culture has become more popular and way more into the mainstream following the success of this sitcom.

But how well did you follow The big Bang Theory? Can you tell if the following statements are true or false?

Answers are at the end!

1. Howard’s Astronaut Nickname Is Rocket Man.


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