The Big Bang Theory: The Progressively Harder Sheldon Cooper Quiz

How much do you know about the genius Sheldon Cooper? Let's find out!

Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory

In The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper is a man who likes things the way that he likes them.

Sheldon often considers his opinion the only one that matters so decisions over what the thermostat should be set to or who sits where are not up for discussion. Sheldon struggles when things change, even down to how to split a meal in a restaurant when there's only 3 of them rather than 4.

Yet, despite his appearance to not adjust well to change, out of all the show's characters he is the one that grows the most. From beginning a romantic relationship, adjusting his career focus to even who he lives with; Sheldon learns that though change can be tough it can also be good.

Even though his friends might find Sheldon's lack of flexibility frustrating, they can't help but care for him, just like the audience at home.

How much do know about the genius Sheldon Cooper? We've created this quiz that will challenge everyone who loves The Big Bang Theory.

Can you remember the name of Sheldon's twin sister? Do you know why Sheldon missed out on meeting Stan Lee? Only the biggest fans of The Big Bang Theory will manage a score that Sheldon would be proud of. Let's see if you can get 100% correct!

1. When The Big Bang Theory Began, Who Does Sheldon Live With?


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