The Hardest New Girl True Or False Quiz On The Internet!

Good luck getting 100% on this True or False quiz about all things New Girl!


Finally bowing out of our television screens in 2018, New Girl provided 7 seasons (146 episodes to be exact) of hilarity and best friend shenanigans that was, well... "Simply Adorkable". Although they may not be producing new episodes you can now catch the whole New Girl saga on Netflix where the show has garnered a rabid cult following because of its immense re-watchability and likability of its main characters.

The show centred around our lead, quirky schoolteacher Jess (portrayed by Zooey Deschanel) who moved in with three men in their early 30s at a Los Angeles loft, Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Winston (Lamorne Morris) as they attempted to navigate the modern day balance of work, relationships and happiness.

The genius of New Girl, according to show creator Elizabeth Meriwether, is that the show followed a lead character in Jess that would typically be an afterthought or bit part character on other programs. Despite its comparisons to Friends, in many ways the show went a completely different direction by avoiding endless punchlines and catchphrases to instead portray a realistic and emotionally charged portrayal of a friendship group.

How well do you remember New Girls now you've re-watched every episode a dozen times on Netflix? Let's find out with the Hardest True or False New Girl quiz on the internet!

1. Jess Moves To LA In The Pilot Episode Because She Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating


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