The Impossible Schitt's Creek Quiz

How well do you know the Emmy-winning smash hit?

Schitt's Creek

When Schitt's Creek began airing back in 2015, who ever could have anticipated that the charming little sitcom would go on to achieve huge mainstream success, leading to a record-setting Emmy sweep in its recent final season?

To say that the show went from strength to strength throughout its run is an understatement, but across its six seasons, just how well were you really paying attention?

Schitt's Creek is such relaxing, undemanding viewing that you'd be forgiven for simply enjoying it as easy comfort food after a long day at work, but in order to get anywhere close to 100% on this brutal quiz, you'll need to have been actively paying attention to everything.

From the most minor character traits to one-off gags, minor supporting characters, and everything in-between, only those with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Roses' escapades throughout the series will have a chance of getting full marks here.

But fear not, because no matter how you do the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. What Does David Use As A Metaphor For His Sexuality?


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