The Ultimate Smallville Quiz!

Revisiting the trials and tribulations of Tom Welling's Clark Kent.

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To think, Smallville was never originally meant to even happen - the initial idea being to develop a series centred on a young Bruce Wayne and his ascension towards a certain Caped Crusader moniker - yet the show still has such a passionate fan base eight years after the series' ten-season run came to a close.

Since the show ended in 2011, this particular version of the Superman mythos has continued on in comic book form, and the property's legion of fans have spent so much of these past eight years hoping that somehow they may get to see a live-action return for Smallville.

With Tom Welling and Erica Durance reprising their Smallville roles of Clark Kent and Lois Lane for The CW's huge Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, it seems only fitting to reflect back on this beloved genre TV series - and more importantly, it seems the perfect time to test just how much of a Smallville fan you really are.

With that in mind, then, here is a Smallville quiz that even the biggest of Smallville fans will struggle with.

1. What Was The Name Of The Season 5 Christmas Episode?


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