Which Gets Googled More?

How well can you determine the world's search history?


Created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google, the internet's most useful tool, has been available to us since 1998. Joining Amazon, Apple and Microsoft as one of the world's big four technology companies, Google has become a part of our daily digital lives we have come to take for granted. Whether for online shopping, a helping hand for homework, researching those songs we can only remember the lyrics to or scouring reviews on the newest games, shows and movies, most people rarely go a day without searching its vast database.

The pure size of the company reflects its ability to return millions of searches with just one click. Acquiring one company every week on average since 2010, Google has grown way beyond just a research tool. With the differences between every individual and their interests, how hard is it to correctly guess which of two sports teams, celebrities or well-known terms receive more searches globally?

Thanks to the popular 'Higher or Lower' game and app, we can try our hand at some educated guesses. In this quiz, WhatCulture challenges you to determine which of two popular terms for each question are searched more on Google in an average month.

Answers at the end!

1. Which Gets Googled More?


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