You Won't Beat This Harry Potter Quiz

Find out just how good your Harry Potter knowledge is with this tricky quiz.

After seven books and eight films, Harry Potter certainly has more trivia than most franchises.

It's undeniable that the Harry Potter books craft a unique world of magic filled with hundreds of interesting locations and characters, with a rich history and culture set deep in it as an integral part. From the dark depths of the Gringotts vaults to the many secret chambers of Hogwarts castle, the Wizarding World was never boring. Over the course of the series, readers were constantly surprised with the introduction of new characters, places and magical items of all kinds, further enriching the secret world of witches and wizards.

A franchise the size of Harry Potter naturally has its fair share of intriguing facts and trivia to keep its fans interested and encourage them to sharpen their knowledge on everything to do with that magical world, and even after more than twenty years there is still an army of people dedicated to these landmarks in film and literary history, who delight in knowing everything there is to know about this magical world.

See just how good your Potter knowledge is with this quiz.

1. What Vault Was The Philosopher's Stone In At Gringotts?


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