You'll Never Be Able To 100% This Dark Knight Trilogy Quiz

How much do you remember about Christopher Nolan's trio of superhero masterpieces?

The Dark Knight Trilogy
Warner Bros. Pictures

After the critical and financial disaster that was Batman & Robin, there was a time that comic book fans firmly believed that they may never see the caped crusader back on the big screen again. However, it only took a few years for hotshot British director, Christopher Nolan, to take the seemingly dead movie franchise and revive it in a way that no-one could ever imagine.

Over seven years, Nolan's team created three of the finest movies in the comic book genre. The now 49-year old auteur, helmed comic book movies that were intelligent, had interesting themes and, most importantly, weren't gimmicky. No wonder they're held in such high regard by comic book fans everywhere.

With The Dark Knight trilogy making over $2 billion dollars at the office, it's safe to say that the movies have been watched multiple times. However, with the last of Nolan's trilogy coming out in 2012, how much do you truly remember or know about the trio of comic book movie blockbusters?

We've created a quiz for the true lovers of Nolan's iteration of Batman to see if they really know the most minute details about the trilogy. Let's see if you've got what it takes to get 100%!

Answers at the end!

1. Which Language Did Ken Watanabe Speak During Batman Begins?


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