You'll Never Get 100% On This Kill Bill Quiz

How well do you remember Tarantino's classic revenge epic?

Kill Bill Uma Thurman

The Kill Bill saga marked the point at which Quentin Tarantino went from a highly acclaimed filmmaker to a mainstream directing mega-star.

Released in 2003, Kill Bill Volume 1 was Tarantino's long-awaited first film in six years - since 1997's criminally underappreciated Jackie Brown - with the decision to split the four-hour epic into two movies made during the editing process.

Though certainly not the most acclaimed accomplishment in the director's filmography, the Kill Bill Saga was nevertheless hugely successful both critically an commercially, delivering a gloriously self-aware love letter to classic martial arts and revenge movies.

But with Volume 2 wrapping up The Bride's (Uma Thurman) blood-thirsty quest way back in April 2004, just how well do you actually remember the two movies?

As totally unforgettable as the saga undeniably is, have the finer details of the Kill Bill duology stuck around in your mind? Only the most hardcore Kill Bill fans will get even close to 100%, naturally.

Either way, the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. Which Famous Proverb Does The Saga Open With?


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