You'll Never Get 100% On This Orange Is The New Black Quiz

How well do you know the inmates of OITNB?


It takes a special sort of TV programme to bleed over into the mainstream conscious and become the modern-day equivalent of water cooler talk for the masses, but Orange is the New Black was a show that had everybody talking throughout its seven-season run.

Even now, it feels a little strange to think that Orange is the New Black has been brought to a close - the series airing its seventh and final season this past July - and this is one of those shows that people are going to spend years clamouring for it to be brought back to life in some form or fashion.

From its first season through to its last, Orange is the New Black was nominated for a whole host of awards, including an impressive 16 Emmy Awards nominations and 4 Emmy wins. Make no mistake about it, in the landscape of stunning television that audiences have been treated to over the past decade or so, Orange is the New Black is up there as one of modern TV's very best.

How well do you remember OITNB, though? Here, there's a quiz that even the biggest Orange is the New Black fan will struggle to get 100% on!

Answers at the end!

1. What Year Did OITNB First Air?

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