You'll Never Get 100% On This Tom Hanks Quiz

How well do you know the nicest guy in Hollywood?

Saving Private Ryan Tom Hanks

Is there an actor more universally beloved than Tom Hanks? Over the last 40 years, he's cemented himself as an A-list legend beyond compare - not only one of the most dependable movie stars there ever has been, but also one of the greatest actors of all time.

Across the decades Hanks has carved out a niche for himself as Hollywood's go-to "nice guy," a role that admittedly isn't a huge stretch for him given that, by all accounts, he's actually a wonderful person in real life too.

But between his career achievements and personal milestones, just how well do you really know Tom Hanks, as not only a God-tier performer but also a mere human being like any one of us?

You'll need an impressive knowledge of the man's life and times, his work and his leisure, to have even a chance of nailing 100% on this quiz.

But fear not, as the answers are at the end no matter how you score. Good luck!

1. What Is His Date Of Birth?


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