8 Sci-Fi Clichés That Need To Calm Down

A fully functional human-like vagina on an alien? What luck!

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

They say that there are only seven different stories in the world, told over and over again inslightly different ways, and watching some sci-fi is enough to convince you this this true.

There's a reason why some clichés are clichés in the first place, because they were brilliant, but sometimes you've just got to learn when to let go.

After all, what are people going to remember in the future: yet another invasion movie, complete with flying saucers hanging over the White House, or something completely new and groundbreaking?

Like, theCantina Scene was brilliant when Star Wars did it, but now, the "futuristic, multi-species space bar" feels like something of a tired in-joke.

Don't get me wrong, everybody loves a good sci-fi romp. Frankly,they can fling as many steampunk, dystopian future, evil AI and sexy-alien-chick clichés at us and we'llstillgo and see them. But, you know, a bit of imagination would be nice every now and again and that starts with kicking out these cliches...

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