10 Best Football TV Series To Stream While The Season Is On Hiatus

Being stuck at home is bad enough. But being stuck at home with no football?


With the continued global uncertainity leaving virtually all of us basically unable to leave our homes for the foreseeable future, people need their traditional sources of entertainment now more than ever.

Unfortunately, those same social distancing and isolation rules that are keeping us stuck at home are doing the same for the people who would normally provide our diversions. Yes, the suspension of the regular football season for another month at the very least is leaving a lot of football fans bereft just at the time when they need the beautiful game the most.

The lack of any ongoing live action doesn't have to leave you completely without football content on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, though. Not in the age of TV streaming.

That's because the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime have more hours of football programming than in Liverpool's unbeaten run and in enough different styles for even someone with a Claudio Ranieri-level of tinkering changeability to find something to settle on.

So, whether you're after the blood, sweat and tears of a real-life relegation battle or the kind of sheer escapism that puts the fantasy in fantasy football, here are ten of the best factual and fictional long form TV series to keep you occupied until real football returns.

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