10 Footballers Who Really Didn't Deserve Winners Medals

The luckiest men in football.

There is no greater feeling for a footballer than winning trophies, whether it be the World Cup, Champions League, Premier League or even the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. That last one might be debatable, in fairness. There have some truly great sides to have won the biggest silverware in both club and international football down the years, with a combination of fantastic management, great individuals and a winning team ethic making the perfect blend for success. Among these teams, however, have been some real frauds, and they fall into two categories. They are either incredibly inept footballers with little talent, yet managed to get away with it by playing alongside great teammates week in, week out, or they featured so little they barely contributed anything to their side's glory. Despite this, they ended up with a winners meal just like everyone else. There are a huge amount to choose from, but we have whittled it down to a top 10. Some of these players were world-class in their prime but were barely noticeable in their trophy-winning side, while others were just completely out of their depth from day one. Without further ado, here are 10 Footballers Who Really Didn't Deserve Winners Medals........

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