10 Players You Didn't Know Nearly Signed For Leicester City

10. Robbie Fowler

Prior to his spell down under the ex Liverpool legend entertained a number of offers from Championship clubs and after already making eleven signings in the summer of 2007, there certainly was a feasible chance that the experience of Fowler could have been a reliable striker in a team full of new players. Leicester chairman at the time, Milan Mandaric was hoping that Fowler would recognise the ambition that the Serbian held. Despite this, Fowler clearly saw Cardiff as a rather more attractive and stable proposition, scoring 6 goals in a season hampered by injury. Although his injury problems would likely have limited his appearances regardless of the club he was at, his experience around the club may have been incredibly useful for Leicester as they were poor all season, eventually being relegated to the third tier of the Football League for the first time in their history. It was an horrific season for the Foxes as they got through three managers and were comfortably the lowest scorers in the league (they oddly had the second best defence). It's all conjecture as to whether Fowler would have made a significant difference but you never know.

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