10 Strangest Ever Newcastle United Signings

In this day and age football clubs are still capable of making horrifying mistakes in the field of recruitment. Newcastle, more than most, have suffered for their negligence and have burned some serious money on a bizarre assortment of flops in the Premier League era.

Regrettably, we've had our fair share of shockers pull on a Toon shirt down the years from the 'world's best non-capped Brazilian', some decrepit veterans on their last legs and a few wannabe players our plethora of managers, although primarily Kenny Dalglish, wasted a few million quid on without much reward. It stirs some unpleasant memories especially when you factor in that we incredulously turned down a young Zinedine Zidane, available for just over £1 million, two years before raiding the Bradford City to acquire Des Hamilton for double the cost of Zizou.

He eventually ended up in black and white albeit with the Juventus emblem on his chest. Unfortunately, we've had to endure more than one of these head-scratching aberrations in our devoted patronage of this fallible football club. With every positive there are always two negatives and, thus, we give you the 10 strangest signings ever made by Newcastle United.


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