10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About The XFL

1. Fans Should Want It To Succeed

XFL 2001

It legit baffles yours truly whenever wrestling fans rebel against something that could make more money for people involved in pro wrestling. Sure, Vince McMahon is dropping a lot of change on the XFL, and yes, it's another side project for the WWE leader, but why is that such an overwhelming negative to some?

This isn't ICO Pro, it's a genuine attempt to relaunch something McMahon thinks has sustainability. Besides, the boss claims to have learned from his mistakes. He says he knows where the XFL went wrong last time, and he publicly admitted that the league cannot afford to make the same errors again.

Wrestling fans might not give much of a damn about watching every week, but they shouldn't giggle if the XFL flops a second time. The NFL has become bloated itself, and could perhaps use the competition in the long run to improve its own flaws. That's something to think about. What if Vince McMahon's project prompts positive change in the sport, creates more media opportunities for the wrestling side of things and actually succeeds?

Or, it could all go wrong and another article will pop up about the XFL 2040 relaunch in 20 years. Who knows.

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