10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About The XFL

2. Vince McMahon Will Be Distracted

Vince McMahon XFL

Recent reports claim Vince McMahon stands to lose a whopping $375 million on the XFL during the league's first three seasons. That's...a lot of money, but it does show how much the WWE emperor has in company coffers, or at least how much he's willing to set aside to make the XFL work.

McMahon critics should rejoice at his XFL duties.

Running the operation will be a full-time job for Vince, and it'll naturally take most of his attention away from the actual wrestling side of things. This could mean that others, like Triple H, get yet more influence and use the rare opening to change certain things about WWE. That's presuming McMahon doesn't somehow find a way to invent more hours in the day and work them too.

Basically, there's a chance things could be about to change around these here parts. The XFL will demand the bulk of Vince's time over the next few months, perhaps forcing him to cede more control than ever over WWE's day-to-day business, booking and presentation.

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