10 Worst Decisions Alan Pardew Has Made As Newcastle Boss

It's hard to know where to start...

Alan Pardew is a manager constantly under the microscope. Every decision, every word, every move is majorly dissected and scrutinised, predominantly on social media, by journalists and fans intertwined by their mutual fascination with Newcastle United. The 52-year-old's position as the Club's lone mouthpiece, a reluctant head of state, is an unenviable one and that is a fact we're unable to refute regardless of the disdain we harbour towards him. But on more than one occasion across his three-year tenure at St James' Park we've been left to question the wisdom of his judgement. Pardew's compendium of bad decisions as Magpies boss covers a frighteningly vast array of genres and lends considerable weight to the theory that he's hopelessly out of his depth in the Premier League meaning we've been left to bear the crosses of his many gaffes. Compacting his litany of indiscretions into a single list was a task we laboured over - there is nothing Pardew hasn't done at Newcastle - but we eventually came through to give you the 10 WORST decisions made by Alan Pardew as Newcastle manager.

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